Hobbs Ministries prides itself on strong corporate relationships that add value to the faith-based community. Behind
the scenes, we broker deals, sponsor promotions, and link up with the heavy-hitters who make it possible for the
gospel to be heard on a broad stage.

Through feature interviews, news stories, and daily information fed through our blog stream at

buzz.eewmagazine.com, accompanying newsletter, and extensive media network, inclusive of live broadcast radio,
we give the gospel of Jesus Christ the exceptional and high-visibility platform necessary to grab the attention of

today’s generation.

Our work speaks for itself and our who’s who client roster, made possible through carefully crafted and nurtured
relationships with key players in the industry, makes it easy for our staff to create buzz surrounding the business
leaders, artists, film producers, pastors, and other visionaries promoting our favorite superstar of all, Christ.
Top industry professionals bring their projects, promotions, and ministry initiatives to Hobbs Ministries’ doorstep
because they know no one else delivers high-impact campaigns, maximum visibility, and increased web traffic, like
we can.

Our smart-as-a-whip creative team of branding specialists, ghostwriters, copywriters, designers, PR professionals,
marketing and advertising gurus, web geeks, and all around Jesus-lovers, provide the perfect blend of creativity,
expertise, and cutting edge technique to give an unmatched online experience.

If you’re ready to join our family of movers and shakers impacting the world for Christ,
we welcome you. After all, it
only makes sense to link up with the pros that do it unlike anybody else.

We are Hobbs Ministries and we are forever committed to moving the message of faith forward.
Hobbs Ministries Clients
If it’s happening now and it’s
relevant to the urban faith-
based community, Hobbs
Ministries gets the story.

Our well-placed media sources
and in-the-know staff brings you
the latest news and information
impacting Christians in the
spotlight in real time.
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